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We have been supporting entrepreneurs, proprietors and management in recognising relevant risks and actively developing potential for over 15 years. The team at .proquest  supports you with experience from over 300 applications in 20 countries as well as 15 branches of industry.

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Risk analysis and risk management

Integrated risk analysis, recognising the need for action and developing action plans.

Procurement and purchasing analysis

Integrated analysis of the procurement department to evaluate the present situation along with calculating the potential for improvement.

Supplier assessments

Development and execution of supplier audits and setting up supplier management systems.

Site and project development

Customised solutions for strategy formulation, positioning, business development or internationalisation.

Due Diligence audit

Objective assessment of the sales/purchase values, specialised in matters of finance, technology, the environment, security and funding.

Franchise system check

Recognising the level of maturity of a franchise system and performing our franchise system checks.

Success is the movement of potential in the right direction!

As an international consulting company we support people with enthusiasm and organisations in recognising their potential.

This is our guiding principle for the diverse services we offer our customers. 25 years of international professional experience in various branches and functions are one of the important prerequisites to recognise tasks in their integrated network.

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