The mf method: The efficient and integrated form of risk and opportunity analyses

Success with clarity, efficiency and simplicity.

The proven and versatile method to recognise, evaluate and use risks and potential.

For risks and opportunities with a high level of networking

The mf method makes the contexts visible that are critical for success. It helps you recognise your organisation’s contexts and intersects. Surveying various key people in the company ensures the complete collection of all company contexts and resources.

With the mf method we support you in

  • Recognising relevant risks and opportunities
  • Assessing their significance to the company
  • Managing and monitoring the results

The „catalogue of topics„: Efficient and comprehensive!

About 400 questions with response options reveal an integrated picture of all of the risks and opportunities in the company.

The simplicity and clarity of the method, as well as the software supported process also make the mf method perfect for self-application.

mf-methode Cataloque of topics
Laptopbildschirm Risikomanagement Software mit der mf-methode

Software supported universal and comprehensive catalogue of questions in a user-friendly software

The „catalogue of topics“ of the mf method illustrates the entirety of the business and ensures an integrated overview.

The software supported „catalogue of topics“ along with possible responses ensures rapid and systematic data collection. Accompanied by experienced advisors with a wealth of international experience as well as a network of researchers, companies and consultants the practical suitability and sound foundation of the mf method is guaranteed.

Detailed features of the mf method

Internal expertise

The analysis is based on in-house knowledge. You know your company best!

External mirror

The inventory is structured and presented externally. We hold a mirror up to you!

Customised for each company

Every company and every environment is different. We ask the questions that are critical for you!


Important key processes and thematic areas are the same in all companies. You receive considered responses!


The rapid reduction of the intricacies (the entirety) to their essence is the aim and claim of the method. You receive results swiftly!


Complex company structures, environments and processes are also illuminated in their entirety. You receive a complete overview!

Flexible methodology

Broad expert knowledge is constantly updated. The results are individually interpreted for you!

Depicted in the software

Competency and experience of the method are depicted in modern software. You can simulate the widest variety of environmental and decision-making scenarios!

Future oriented

We are constantly further developing the method. You are always kept up-to-date!


Over 200 companies have successfully used the method to date. You can trust the method!